I am a tee-total adult and not because I’m a Mum to a young baby. It simply doesn’t agree with me. However, I love creating cocktails, mocktails and sweet treat drinks – which of course I will share with you all below. 

My go-to Hot Chocolate Treat (approx. 5 syns per mug – not inc. milk if not using as HeA.)

2 heaped tsps. Hot Choc light powder (I use Sainsbury’s own light blue range)

1 tsp. Choc Shot liquid

12g mini marshmallows 

2 tbsp. Milk 

Boiling water 


1. Add the Hot Choc powder & Choc Shot to the bottom of a tall mug. 

2. Add your milk and mix well to create a paste.

3. Add boiling water until nearly at the top of the mug and stir really well.

4. Sprinkle your Marshmallows on top of the hot chocolate.

5. Enjoy!