My week

One of the many fascinations that I have in life is how everyone’s bodies work so differently and how food optimising affects everyone in unusual and interesting ways.

Seeing people in group who have been totally on plan and gained or maintained, been totally on plan and lost incredible amounts and those who have synned, been off plan, up and down and have had the same results…

I thought I had had an incredible week, really pushing the speed foods and increasing my exercise. I did get a loss, a small one and as we all respect a loss is a loss. But, you sometimes still feel a hint of disappointment! Why?

Was it worth the whole week of planning and staying on plan?


Yes it was, of course it was.

I am again that one little step closer to my target weight. That’s what matters.

I have to remind myself of this every day and it is always re-instated to me at group. I couldn’t survive this journey without my group. I don’t know how people weigh and go home. I totally appreciate that not everyone wants to stay, has to stay or can stay but I would have fallen off my weight-loss wagon last year if it hadn’t been for my group.

I sometimes feel that I am joining in with a sugar-addicts anonymous meeting but then I think that’s the reason that I adore my group. We are all there for the same reasons, to help each other and support each other on our own journeys whether good, bad, topsy turvy and upside down. We are all different people but with one huge similarity and one strong bond. There to help each other reach that golden goal of target weight.

For those who feel disappointed, elated or confused, stick with it.
It will be worth it.
You are doing so well.
We are all in this together.





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