A little bit about, little old me!

My name is Katie and I am a passionate home cook who loves creating her own recipes at home and discovering new ingredients, flavours and combinations.

As a classical ballet teacher and avid dancer I spent a lot of my performing years ignoring healthy food options and diving straight into high carb, sugar-full and energy enhancing foods.

After giving birth to my beautiful baby boy in August 2016 I needed to loose my baby-weight and get back to my previous fitness and I took the steps to joining a Slimming World group with the most fabulous consultant Tracy. From the first meeting I was hooked and I was determined that in 2o17 I would get the opportunity to hit my target.

As of this post I have lost 1 stone and 2lbs and I am 8lbs off my target weight.

As I love creating recipes, I thought that creating some of my own inline with the SW EE plan would keep my passion alive and keep the whole “dieting plan” more interesting and exciting.

A few lovely members of my group requested my recipes after I had posted pictures and ideas on our private FB group. Then the idea hit me to create this blog to share ideas further afield.

This blog is in no way endorsed by Slimming World – it’s just little old me creating ideas in my spare time – normally when my little boy is asleep!

Some recipes will have Syn Values or will need to be synned if you are not using some ingredients as your Healthy Extras. I will some times publish Syn values but you must check with your plans, sites and books as to whether the Syn value would be the same for you. Don’t rely purely on me – in case I am wrong!

So enjoy and create and I hope this allows your weight-loss journey to be full of flavour!

At the top right hand side of the homepage you will see my menu tabs to select savoury, sweet or drink recipes!

Katie x



There is one word associated with dieting, weight loss, exercise and healthy eating.

A feeling that can leave you as quickly as it arrived! You wake up one morning as bright as a button and raring to go – determined to kick some serious butt – alas, by the time 5pm comes around you can’t even remember what had motivated you and you just want to curl up on the sofa, in front of a fire, with a blanket on, watching your favourite film and eating your body weight in chocolate and sipping on gin and tonics. Am I right?

I have this most days. I have a list as long as my arm of all the things I want to conquer that day, yet I struggle to fulfil it – and why? Because I have too much on?


I could make time for all my plans and wishes – I just don’t. I normally take the easy option or simplest way around something, instead of challenging myself.

I search for online motivation quotes, pictures and advice. This sometimes really works and it sometimes pushes me in completely the wrong direction.

I truly believe in motivation. I also believe in the fact that we are only fighting against ourselves and if we don’t do it, why do we then punish ourselves? It’s only making us hate ourselves even more and pushing us towards the path of “I can’t do it”, “I’m not good enough”, “what’s the point!?” “I’ll do it next week.”

The last couple of weeks I have really lacked motivation for my weight loss. Even though my target weight is in sight. I just haven’t had the “get up and go” and all I have wanted to do is dive head first into my chocolate cupboard.

Then I think of where I have come from. The fact that apart from 1 week in 14 I have lost weight consistently. I have. I have proof from group. I can do it and I have done it and I only have 1/2 a stone to go until target.
That is my motivation, the proof that I can do it. Therefore, so can everyone else. You just need support. Ask your group, ask your friends, ask your loved ones.

If someone compliments you on how great you are looking, don’t act shy and embarrassed, feel proud, feel good and pin that compliment in your memory and never let it go.

If your friends and family are noticing a difference in you, then you are totally smashing it. Keep going. Keep pushing. Keep motivated.

We are all in this together. No one is alone. Your goal is in sight and you are going to get there – and soon.

Have a great week. Keep positive.

You look amazing. 👍🏼

My week

One of the many fascinations that I have in life is how everyone’s bodies work so differently and how food optimising affects everyone in unusual and interesting ways.

Seeing people in group who have been totally on plan and gained or maintained, been totally on plan and lost incredible amounts and those who have synned, been off plan, up and down and have had the same results…

I thought I had had an incredible week, really pushing the speed foods and increasing my exercise. I did get a loss, a small one and as we all respect a loss is a loss. But, you sometimes still feel a hint of disappointment! Why?

Was it worth the whole week of planning and staying on plan?


Yes it was, of course it was.

I am again that one little step closer to my target weight. That’s what matters.

I have to remind myself of this every day and it is always re-instated to me at group. I couldn’t survive this journey without my group. I don’t know how people weigh and go home. I totally appreciate that not everyone wants to stay, has to stay or can stay but I would have fallen off my weight-loss wagon last year if it hadn’t been for my group.

I sometimes feel that I am joining in with a sugar-addicts anonymous meeting but then I think that’s the reason that I adore my group. We are all there for the same reasons, to help each other and support each other on our own journeys whether good, bad, topsy turvy and upside down. We are all different people but with one huge similarity and one strong bond. There to help each other reach that golden goal of target weight.

For those who feel disappointed, elated or confused, stick with it.
It will be worth it.
You are doing so well.
We are all in this together.




Simple Scrummy Pancakes


Since visiting the USA from a very young age, I discovered American-style buttermilk pancakes and I have been slightly addicted ever since.

Most weekends would see me devouring banana and chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes or pancakes covered in crispy streaky bacon and lashings of maple syrup.

Alas, since joining SW in November 2016 it soon became very, very apparent that these buttermilk beauties would have sent my Syn allowance running for the middle of next week!

Most flours have a Syn-value however, I discovered a waffle recipe using ground porridge oats and I have adapted my own recipe to stay within the SW plan.

If you are not using the milk or porridge oats as part of your HeA & HeB extras then you will need to Syn these ingredients. Some of the ingredients below also have a Syn-value so please check through the SW website or book for how many Syns this would be for you on your plan.


40g porridge oats – blitzed into a “flour”
1 egg
1 tbsp of sweetener OR 2 tsps. sugar
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 cup milk (any sort)


  1. Blitz the porridge oats until they become a flour-like texture
  2. Add the oats to a bowl and mix together with the egg, sweetener or sugar, baking powder and milk
  3. Whisk together until a nice thick batter forms (hand-whisk)
  4. Heat a frying pan on high and spray with frylight
  5. Add your mixture to the pan in whatever size amounts (mini pancakes, or larger ones)
  6. When bubbles appear on the “wet” side of the batter and the edges have firmed it is ready to flip.
  7. Flip onto the other side and cook until lightly brown.
  8. Serve with berries, a syrup if you wish or a drizzle of choc-shot.